In 2000, I began an MFA in Creative Writing-Poetry at the University of Notre Dame. I took a year off between my first and second years to work earning my degree in 2003. For the last twenty years, I’ve been actively writing literary poems and literary criticism.

Since I’ve always had a love of criticism and been a much better reader than I am a writer, I started the literary review Gently Read Literature in 2008 which focuses solely on publishing literary reviews of contemporary poetry and literary fiction. My emphasis was on small and independent presses. In 2014, I closed Gently Read Literature.

Poetry Collections

In the process, I married, changed my name, and moved from state to state to state. While I always was writing something, my poetry publications are sparse and sporadic, to say the least. I have self-published a chapbook, Casual Myth, and long ago had a micro chapbook, Well Enough, published virtually (although I believe the site and link are dead now).

Currently, I have a full-length poetry collection forthcoming from Atmosphere Press entitled It’s Not About You.

Recent Poetry

Pink Plastic House, May 2020, “Victor”

The Queer Body, free electronic poetry anthology from Yes Poetry, January 2020, “Grey Ace Endures”

Waxing & Waning, Issue 2, “Gyre Upon Gyre”

Variant Literature, Issue 1, Autumn 2019, “Pours Out of Me”

Moonchild Magazine, Issue 5, “Astraea”

Philosophical Idiot, April 2019, “Network”

Jet Fuel Review, Fall 2018, “The Smallest Divisions”

North of Oxford, February 2018, “Bait”

Rise Up Review, 2018, “You’re Not Even From Around Here”

Tuck Magazine, August 2017, “Trumps Hate” & “The Left Behind”