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pinkprint: poetry anthology

My poem ‘Victor’ is part of the ‘pinkprint’ from Pink Plastic Press run by poet Kristin Garth.

I had previously shared this poem when it had appeared on the Pink Plastic House site.

text of poem

This poem is a variation on the Frankenstein story. I approach it from the point of view of Victor Frankenstein but attempted to filter it through the Galatea/Pygmalion myth. I had been thinking about what it would be like to imagine Victor as a transman looking to create or express a desire for their notion of an ideal woman. I also mixed in more than a bit of social media lurking to explore the idea of false intimacy via social media platforms.

However, my poem is low on the list of pieces readers should look to here. The contributors here are stunningly gifted poets:

  • Dani Tauber
  • J.A. Pak
  • Juliet Cook
  • Joanna C. Valente
  • Effy Winter
  • Dean Rhetoric
  • KB
  • Michael Chang
  • Sara Matson
  • Adrian Kresnak
  • Robin Sinclair
  • Sam Jowett
  • Kailey Tedesco
  • Constance Bourg
  • Kendall A. Bell
  • Nadia Gerassimenko
  • Sarah Hilton

By Daniel Casey

Daniel Casey earned an MFA from the University of Notre Dame in 2003. His debut poetry collection, It's Not About You, is forthcoming from Atmosphere Press. He lives in Baltimore, Maryland.

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